Zambales – Weekend Getaway

Total damage: 

  • Solo Travel –  P1,500
  • Group Travel (group of 4) – P860

How to get there:

  • Bus from Victory Liner Terminal Cubao to San Antonio Zamabales – P293.00/head
    • Schedule: 5:00AM, 7:00AM and 9:00AM (check their website for detailed info)
  • Tricycle from San Antonio, Zambales to Pundaquit/Pundakit Beach – P30.00/head
  • Private boat from Pundaquit/Pundakit Beach to Capones Island – P800.00
    • Other rates
      • Capones – P800.00
      • Camara – P700.00
      • Capones + Camara – P1700.00
      • Capones +Anawangin – P1500.00
      • Anawangin – P1000.00

Where to stay:

  • Pundakit Beach – P500.00/cottage, P1,500.00/room
  • Anawangin -free if BYOT (Bring Your Own  Tent), P500.00/tent  + (entrance fee)

From Cubao Terminal, it took me 4.5 hours to reach San Antonio. This includes two bus stops (Pampanga and Olongapo) and a light traffic in  NCLEX.

From San Antonio, I rode a tricycle straight to Pundakit Beach. My tricycle driver, Kuya Peter (09308232442) introduced me to a resort owner who offered a boat ride from Pundakit to Capones and Camara Island.

You can actually swim in Pundakit Beach for free. If you wish to stay, you can rent a cottage for Php 500.00 or an air-conditioned room for P1500.00.

Boat to Camara and Capones Island
The wave is pretty strong during  afternoon. If am not mistaken, boats aren’t allowed to leave Pundaquit after 4:00PM.

From Pundakit Beach, it took us  10-15 minutes to reach Camara Island.

To tell you honestly, there’s not much to see here. Yes, you can swim, snorkel and do some photowalk  but if you are on a tight budget, I suggest you go straight to Capones Island.

Camara Island


View before reaching Camara and Capones Island

Capones Island

Now we’re talking!

The untouched and uninhabited Capones Island is one of the epitomes of serenity and solitude! The place is so beautiful and spacious that even though there are other guests around, you can still find your own spot and have your own moment.

Perfect combination of rock formation, white sand and clear water. You can snorkel, dive, trek or just sit around and enjoy the view.



Unfortunately, I don’t think Capones Island will maintain its solidarity for long.

Note: You can also trek and look for the lighthouse. Kuya Peter told me that visitors are not allowed to enter inside anymore because of some risks in safety.


I was still enjoying my Capones moment when Kuya asked me to go back to Pundakit because the wave gets stronger at night.

Pundakit Beach

When I arrived at Pundakit Beach earlier, I thought that it’s just a plain beach merely made as an entry and exit point to different islands and coves of Zambales. But as  the sun started to set – I learned to appreciate the beauty of Pundakit Beach.

Simple, cheap and beautiful.



Going home is as easy as getting to San Antonio, Zambales. Ride a tricycle from Pundakit Beach to San Antonio bus stop and wait for buses going to Cubao or Pasay. Buses are until 11:00PM per Kuya Peter.


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