Manila – Weekend Getaway

Short Story:

It was in February when my facebook wall got flooded with Intramuros-Binondo itineraries. As  much as I wanted to dismiss each forwarded links and over the top photowalk blogs – the tales and the photos from different bloggers were just inspiring.

Needless to say, I gave in, packed my bag, and joined the craze!

(Note: I can’t remember all the details of this trip. It has been a month since my Manila Weekend Getaway)

Manila – Weekend Getaway

  • Coverage: National Museum – Intramuros – Binondo – Rizal Park
  • Total Damage: P 250.00 *rough estimate – I forgot how much I paid*
    • Bus from Alabang  to Lawton (Php 70.00)
    • Entrance fee in Fort Santiago (Php 50.00)
    • Jeep from Binondo to Kalaw (Php 8.00)
    • Bus from Kalaw to Alabang (Php 60.00)
  • Saya Factor: 3/5
  • Pagod Factor: 4/5 (naglakad lang ako, wala ako pera)

From Starmall Alabang, I rode a bus to Lawton and alighted at Ayala Boulevard (Php 70.00). From Ayala Boulevard, you’ll immediately see the National Museum towering across the road.

(I’ve been to National Museum atleast thrice already, my recent visit was last January after hearing about Glenn Bautista’s exhibit.)

After an awkward look from the receptionist (she can’t believe I was visiting alone), I went straight to Juan Luna’s famous Spoliarium. As expected, people are busy taking selfies with the painting. They too are captivated by the energy of Juan Luna’s work – I supposed.

At the back of the room, there’s a door leading to the divisions (I forgot what it is called) of the museum. From there, you can  work your way up to 3rd/4th floor.

National Museum

After almost two hours of wandering around, I went straight to Fort Santiago / Intramuros for the second leg of my Manila Weekend Getaway.


Manila Cathedral


When I reached Fort Santiago / Intramuros I literally took photos of everything that looks old or classic. There are ancestral houses turned into restaurants, mini-museum, hostels, convenient stores and many more.






It took me  around 2 to 3 hours to finish my DIY tour inside Intramuros. I would like to continue with my so called photowalk but my stomach started protesting. So, with all the energy left inside me – I continued walking and headed to Binondo, Manila for the third and final leg of my Manila Weekend Getaway.


Because of dehydration and lack of energy, I had limited memories of my walkathon to Chinatown. I just found myself buying and eating  whatever I thought were edible. I got kikiam, chinese soup, dumplings, fried and steam meatbun  and some glutinous rice  wrapped in banana leaves.

Right after eating (by the way, the food was great!) I started to appreciate Binondo, Manila. The busy crowd, the diversity of people, the traffic – everything. It has a nostalgic  vibes that made me feel part of an old chinese-karate movie.


Between National Museum, Intramuros and Binondo – Binondo is the highlight of my Manila Weekend Getaway.




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