Antipolo, Rizal – Weekend Getaway

Cross out Antipolo, Rizal in your bucket list for less than Php1000.00! This includes Antipolo Church, Pinto Art Museum, White Cross, Hinulugang Taktak and Parish of Immaculate Heart.

(Note: Add additional P100.00 if you wish to visit Cloud 9 Resort)

Total Damage: Php980.00 (Solo Trip) / Php487.50.00 (Group of 4)

  • Bus from Alabang to Ortigas – Php50.00
  • Van from Ortigas to Antipolo Church – Php60.00
  • Tricycle from Antipolo Church to Pinto Art Museum – Php50.00
  • Pinto Art Museum Entrance Fee – Php200.00
  • Tricycle from Pinto Art Museum to Hinulugang Taktak – Php40.00
  • Hinulugang Taktak Entrance Fee – Php30.00
  • Tricycle from Hinulugang Taktak to Mystical Cave, White Cross (Via Dolorosa) and Parish of Immaculate Heart – Php500.00
  • Mystical Cave Entrance Fee – Php50.00

From Starmall Alabang, ride a bus to Cubao or Ortigas. Alight at Robinsons Galleria, then take a van to Antipolo Cathedral.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Antipolo


I started my photowalk at Antipolo Cathedral. Since it was Palm Sunday, the place was crowded and the traffic was terrible. Nonetheless, it did not stop me from  attending the holy mass and admiring the beauty of Immaculate Conception Cathedral.


Outside of the cathedral is like a mini Quiapo…. bought some souvenirs for my parents.



Right after the mass, I went straight to the tricycle terminal in front of McDonalds and asked the driver to take me to Pinto Art Museum.

Pinto Art Museum

There’s a Php200.00 entrance fee at Pinto Art Museum. If I heard the staff correctly, if you are an artist (I do not know their criteria) you can visit the museum for free.

Pinto Art Museum has one of the best art exhibits in the Philippines. The museum is composed of several galleries and mini parks where you can see and enjoy different art collections and exhibits. They have restaurants, clean restrooms, resting places, shades, mini couches and pretty much everything you need for 2-3 hours of art and scenery appreciation. Oh! Did I mention that the whole place is IG friendly?



20170409_123246 (1)

Some of the artworks at Pinto Art Museum….


You have to leave your bag at the counter before you enter the museum. Video recording and professional pictorials require additional payment.

After 2 hours of contemporary arts and patterns and paintings and collages and getting dehydrated and somehow suffocated inside the Forest  – I left the museum and headed to  Hinulugang Taktak.

Hinulugang Taktak

Hinulugang Taktak is more like a commercialized public pool with a perfect view of the most famous falls in Antipolo. There’s Php30.00 entrance fee (additional payment if you want to use their public  pool) and you are not allowed to bring lighters or cigarettes inside the resort.

 Hinulugang  Taktak 


After 10 minutes of strolling , I met Kuya Chris. He is a tricycle driver waiting for passengers outside Hinulugang Taktak. After introducing myself and telling  him about my getaway in Antipolo, he told me that I could rent his tricycle for half a day for Php500.00 – this includes  Mystical Cave, White Cross and a side trip to Parish of Immaculate Heart.  

Mystical Cave

You need 10 to 15 minutes of mild hiking before you reach the entrance of the cave. Once you reach the entrance, friendly and courteous tour guides will assist you. Entrance fee is Php50.00.

Some tips and reminders:

  • The place is kind of isolated, it is advisable to ask the driver to wait for you
  • Going to Mystical Cave past 4:00PM is discouraged
  • Be in your proper attire
  • Be cautious
  • There’s a sari-sari store in front of the cave where you can buy bottled water and snack




The cave is huge and dark, I suggest you bring flashlight if you want to take pictures of rock formations and stuff. It took as around 30 minutes to finish the trip.


After caving , our tour guide told us that we can climb the hill to see Antipolo and parts of Laguna in bird’s eye view.




After my two-hour visit at Mystical Cave, Kuya Chris suggested to make a side trip at  Parish of Immaculate Heart before we visit White Cross.

no walls….



Finally my last stop..

White Cross

White Cross aka Via Dolorosa is considered as sacred, thus, picture taking is highly discouraged. The place is huge with life-size replica of Station of the Cross and Holy Rosary. There’s a place for meditation , an altar of Mary, and a White Cross on the top of the hill.

 As much  as I want to share more about the beauty of White Cross – I want you to try it and let me know what you think. 🙂

White Cross a.k.a Via Dolorosa is open from Fridays to Sundays from 7:00AM to 4:30PM.



…and that’s it! I hope you are inspired by my quick getaway in Antipolo. 🙂


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