Manuel Uy! Calatagan, Batangas- Weekend Getaway

Manuel Uy Resort is located in Calatagan, Batangas just between the famous Maldives-like resort – Stilts, and Aquaria Water Park.

You have to bring your camping paraphernalia if you wish to stay in this secluded beach. Although there are tents for rent and mats for sale, spending Php600.00 is just too much for a one time use.

Total Damage:

Going to the resort:

  • Van from South Station Alabang to Robinson’s Dasma – Php50.00
  • Bus from Robinson’s Dasma to Lian Market – Php100.00
  • Jeep from Lian Market to Calatagan Market – Php40.00
  • Tricycle from Calatagan Market to Manuel Uy – Php200.00 (can be split to 4)
  • Manuel Uy Entrance Fee  – Php50.00 (Day Tour) / Php100.00 (Overnight)


Manuel Uy

I left Alabang at 8:00AM and reached Manuel Uy at 12:30PM.

While commuting to Calatagan Market, a group of young couples from Lemery adopted me and agreed to split our transport bill. When we reached  the resort, they asked me to join and spend the entire afternoon with them. I’m excited to make new friends but……..


While walking, I met two locals selling fresh squids and shrimps. They told me that the last trip going to Pasay/Alabang is at 4:00PM. If I want to save Php700.00 commute to Lian Market, I need to leave the resort at 3:30PM.

As much as I wanted to stay and enjoy the company of my new friends, I had to hurry and make use of my remaing time. So, after finishing a bottle of water and few puffs of cigs – I changed to my swimming attire and politely asked the owner of the tent to nearest to me, to look after my bag while I swim.

Note: I suggest that you bring your own tent or rent for Php500.00. Leaving your bag to strangers is too risky.


The long stretch of creamy white sand (and the sand bar) is just amazing.

It’s always low tide in Manuel Uy – I had to walk around 5 minutes to reach a good swimming point.

Note: The right side of the beach is too rocky and not advisable for swimming. Stay in the middle part of the beach, just right around the life guard’s post.



The water is clear and cold! Enjoy swimming all you want. You can also bring goggles for snorkeling.

Note: I met Kuya from Lipa (and his kids) while I was busy taking photos of the beach. He offered his goggles out of pure kindness (without me asking), hence the underwater shots…

Ang bait ng taga Batangas!




After an hour of swimming and floating I took a break and ate my baon, meatbun from 7-11 (not sure why am sharing this hahaha).


My trip to Manuel Uy is one of the best! Perfect for photowalks and swimming (except during low tide).

Going Home:

  • Tricycle from Manuel Uy to Terminal (Pasay/Alabang) – Php200.00 (can be split to 4)
    • Contact Andrew – 09506640481
  • Van from Terminal to Pasay/Alabang -Php180.00


  • Last trip of van to Pasay/Alabang is at 4:00PM. If you miss the trip you have to pay Php700.00 for a tricycle ride to Lian Market
  • Vans and buses straight to Calatagan are available in Taft terminal near Kabayan Hotel
  • Buses straight to Calatagan are also available in Robinson’s Dasma
  • All necessities for survival are sparingly available (charging station, lights, charcoal, paluto, food, tents and mats, ice etc) you have to pay for everything though.



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  1. PassportKiwi says:

    Wow looks gorgeous


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