Real, Quezon – Weekend Getaway

If you are looking for a place where you can relax and enjoy fun-filled activities, you may want to try The Park in Real Quezon!  The Park offers a distinct ambiance that will give you a feel of camping. It’s cheap and just 3-4 hours drive away from Manila.

Total Damage:

  • Bus from Alabang to Lawton / Manila City Hall – Php50.00
  • Jeep from Lawton / Manila City Hall to Legarda – Php8.00
  • Walkathon from Legarda to Raymond Bus Terminal – Free
  • Legarda Bus Terminal to Park Real, Quezon – Php163.00 (ordinary)
  • The Park entrance fee- Php35.00
  • Tricycle to 2 different falls (including waiting time) – Php300.00

I left Alabang around 6:00AM and reached Real, Quezon around 11:30AM. From Raymond Bus Terminal in Legarda, Manila the conductor casually dropped me off at The Park and that’s it….


View during stopover

The Park

As mentioned, The Park has a distinct ambiance that will give you a feel of camping. Feel free to set-up your own tent or rent for Php500.00. There are also hammocks and huts for rent perfect for solo travelers or family alike. If you are just on a day trip, backpacking, you can ask the owners to keep an eye of your belongings (this will save money).

The staffs, the practitioners and even the guests are extra friendly. They all have this peerless aura of fun and chill – I kinda like it!



Unlike Batangas and Zambales, Quezon offers a rather murky beach due to lose brownish sand and strong water current. Nonetheless, the strong waves and bold shore will make your swimming experience more exciting.



Real, Quezon Beach – low tide around late morning to early afternoon

Right after an hour of swimming, skipping, giggling and dancing (yasss!), I went back to the campsite and asked for the rate of  their surfing lesson. I got it for Php500.00 (Php300.00 instruuctor +Php200.00 surfing board rental). The class won’t start until 2:00PM so instead of slacking-off I decided to visit two of the most famous waterfalls in Real, Quezon – Nonok and Balagbag Falls.

Nonok Falls

Nonok Falls is 10 to 15 minutes away from The Park. Tricycles are available just outside the campsite.



Nonok Falls

The basin of Nonok Falls is small and the place itself looks pretty crowded. You can take a dip but swimming is impossible unless you have the entire falls by yourself.

Balagbag Falls

Unlike Nonok Falls, Balagbag Falls is more spacious and grand. It has two basins which are both suitable for swimming. The view of Balagbag Falls is breathtaking!

I climbed further up and spent my entire afternoon swimming and getting massages from mother nature. The water is cold and fresh – my experience was just amazing!


Aside from the beaches and waterfalls, I think Real should also be proud of its scenery!

I was literally at awe.



Right after my affair with the waterfalls of Real,  I went back to The Park, headed straight to the beach  and met my surfing instructor, John (had the same name!).


John started his lesson by reiterating the do’s and dont’s of surfing. He discussed the parts of the surfing board, basic body positioning and roving techniques pretty much everything you need to understand the basic principles of surfing.

And just like that, I aced my first attempt; surfed, lasted around 7-10 seconds and almost reached the shore! I’m a genuis!

I left The Park around 7:30PM and reached home around 12:00AM.


  • Buses from The Park to Manila are available until 9:00PM
  • When visiting Noknok and Balagbag Falls, ask locals if you can ride jeep instead, this will save you money
  • All necessities are available inside The Park, no need to bring too much if you are not up for camping
  • Surfing lesson is until 5pm only
  • Aside from surfing, The Park also offers other activities such kayaking, boating, skim-boarding etc

Going home:

  • Bus from Real to Ortigas – Php186.00 (aircon)
  • Ortigas to Alabang – Php60.00



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